Tuesday, April 27, 2010

scratching video

I'm trying to find my pink records. After moving to a new place, all the good stuff is in a box, under some other boxes. Assuming I find them, I'll be scratching some video at the opening of VIDEO MELEE.

Gravity Connundrum, (Jen Poueymirou and myself) will also be debuting a new video object at the melee. (exciting!Exciting!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Common Ground Festival

Ann LePore via The Get Down: Come check it out! I'm doing some live video mixing for Terry Riley's "In C" and then my students are showing off their circuit-bent-toy-instruments in the band, Noise Theory. 
Friday, 4:30pm in the Adler Theater at Ramapo College
The Get Down : - Beats
4:30-5:00 Computer Music Ensemble performing Terry Riley’s In C with Video by Ann LePore
5:00-5:30 Physical Computing Class: “Noise Theory”

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ann: Getting Connected

In addition to wearing matching (almost) coveralls, Mariam and I found Newark Art Supply and the cool ACE hardware store on Lafayette with a 10% discount. Why a discount, I asked? Because it's spring? because they've heard about the matching coveralls? The man at the register wouldn't say... but I was grateful, regardless and I'll be back.
(Mariam on the left, Ann on the right)

We loaded up on supplies and Mariam learned to prime canvas.  I learned, or was reminded, that the Airport Express can't wirelessly boost an existing wireless network. (Fail!).
But with a few pie tins and a pringles can we could really have something here.
Cantenna, anyone?
(image from http://www.binarywolf.com)