Sunday, July 29, 2012

Inspiration for a drawing-in-progress
I can't believe the six months is almost over! It really has flown by and I'm feeling pressure from myself to complete one more thing before I leave. I had a ghost drawing sit on my desk for literally a month before it was time to make some tangible marks. I would just work on other drawings around it, on it, next to it, but couldn't quite bring myself to 'begin' 'it'. I think I psyched myself out. Had just finished another fairly large drawing and was afraid to do it again, only better. Finally, I made my moves and I'll be scratching away at the surface over these next few weeks trying to get somewhere.

Looking forward to meeting with everyone this week. We keep such different schedules, so it'll be nice to all be in the same place at the same time. I'm excited to see what everyone has been up to!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I especially like #8.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Notes from a conversation on the future of independent publishing and artists books at the MoMA library:

Idea > Experiment > Product

What is the point?

  • of online publishing
  • object/self publishing
  • data/idea sharing
  • autonomy
  • language vs. image
  • language vs. object
Image</>= to object

Book as alternative space
Media Tools
Why object/book vs. web platform   (objects do not need maintenance)(or ask for "comments")
web platform is "open"
Object is closed and finished
web platform is open
object is purchased and owned
everything web is in progress


  • buckets
  • channels
  • containers
this is about moving and manipulating

Living in the book:

  • ideas
  • object
  • commitment
  • sentiment
  • emotion
this is about feeling and traditional

Intimacy > Objects > Weight > Heavy

Show Paper = 10,000 copies (weight)

Process?          Online = the bastard step child?    

Art In America vs. Art In America Online!

Is this about cost?     What cost are apparent and what costs are hidden?

How do we occupy the space of the internet? vs Occupying the space of the page of an object/book.

The function of print.

Art > Sustainability > Profit

PM 100 - 1000

Economics of publishing

Community > Art making can be a very solitary thing, is that different or changing in the publishing community?

People seeking out the weird.
Why do people buy art books? Because they are fetishized? Cheaper than most art objects?
How effective is your consumption of information online?

Us, we as cultural creative workers have a very different idea about what online consumption is and can be vs the "average" data consumer?

mp3 vs. vinyl vs. live music < (The person most sensitive is the musician - not the consumer)

Information vs. Idea vs. Object

Comics > Collectable > Sharing/Trading   (Cannot separate comics from print)
Object Sharing - Community       (What else cannot be separated?)

(It's orange and blue and it's sooooo nice.)

Conceptual (comics) vs. narrative thread.
Artist writing vs, fiction
Narrative vs. sentiment
Zines = underground publishing
Zines vs. artist book

(I don't think any genre of literature is sacred anymore.)(Lord Byron would agree!)

What is the content?
What is the purpose? - To draw attention to something under recognized? Could it be something other than a book? Then why is it a book? C

Creative practice.
The linear.
The materials:

  • paper
  • thread
  • tape
  • ink