Monday, May 24, 2010

The Profession

The Profession: Artists talk about their career in art.
"What's it like having a career as an artist? Michael Zeng posted this question to his former classmates from San Francisco Art Institute as they approached the 5 year mark since graduating with MFA's."
I think it's always helpful to hear from artists about their real lives, beyond just the successes we hear about at artist talks. It's good for me to hear about how people are continuing to make work day to day and managing the balance between studio and outside world issues.

talking to oneself

I've been remiss, but have been meaning to post the following.

I am curious as to the "inner voice" that artists hear when doing all the non media-specific things that allow their practice to go on. I don't mean things like painting or casting or video editing, but rather things like pacing, looking, thinking. "Inner voice" is an awful phrase, suggesting low grade self help lit or the limitations of film, even well made film, that necessitate things like voiceovers.

It might not be a voice, of course. It might be pictures, or anything really. In the interest of getting this discussion going, I'm going to be completely honest and admit that I talk to myself when photographing. A lot. And it isn't anything interesting either. The most commonly used phrase is "c'mon, shit for brains."

I don't know where it came from, and I now have said it so many times in my life that it just comes out of my mouth when I'm alone.

There are various other minor, unremarkable verbal tics such as counting incorrectly habitually when timing exposures and film development, and singing tuneless rounds of choruses from various 30's jazz standards when nervous or timing night exposures, but really I want to know where the shit for brains came from. Why is this comforting?

Reminds me of this a bit, and also of the trope of thrillers where the repititon of a loved one's habitual phrase or personally significant word serves to confirm foul play, such as in LA Confidential.