Friday, January 13, 2012

3 minute spot_THE CHINESE PAINTING (performance - first set)

3 minute spot_THE CHINESE PAINTING (performance - first set) from Jomar Statkun on Vimeo.


A Distinguishable Moment within an Infinitesimal

Increment in a Variable

1. An original abstract oil on canvas is

painted by the artist Jomar Statkun.

2. A photograph is taken of the abstract painting

using an image analyzing program. The program

analyzes the abstract painting and tries to find

its image on the internet.

3. As the program naturally cannot find

the exact image of the abstract painting, it

proposes similar images based on color,

composition, texture, and other visual data.

4. These proposed images are collected along

with their accompanying websites.

5. A selection of the proposed images are then

emailed to an oil painting reproduction factory

in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. There

the proposed images are made into hand

painted oil on canvas reproductions.

6. These oil on canvas reproductions are then

collected and photographed. They are then made

into black and white halftone images for

silkscreen printing.

7. In addition to being printed, these halftone

images are imported into a program that

converts images into sound.

8. The artist Jomar Statkun acts as MC and

manipulates the sound.

9. Invited performers interact with the sound.

10. The viewer is welcome to take pictures of the

hand painted oil on canvas reproductions and

to have their own made by the oil painting

factory in China.


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