Friday, November 16, 2012

First Time Around

Walking into Gallery Aferro for the first time, well technically the second, I was intrigued. The awkward green floors, large white walls filled with color, and warehouse ceilings somehow made it an incredibly charming space.

I wanted to explore everything- so I did. Once I took a lap of the first floor, I needed to see what was up the gray staircase that had caught my eye the moment I walked inside.  The upstairs was just as funky and charming as I had hoped. It had soft lighting, and was very intimate. The art felt like it was encompassing the room; it felt like a space you could lose track of time in.

After walking through both gallery floors, I continued onwards and upwards to the studio space. Being a painter, I thought the studio space was amazing. The character of building paired with all of the art being created was inspirational, to say the least.  I felt like every space in this building was holding a little something new, and unexpected. 

...By the way, I am the new curatorial intern at the gallery! I'm a painter, and hoping to gain some great experiences here. I'm looking forward to working at Gallery Aferro and meeting everyone!

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