Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Emma Wilcox: Back to the Real

Recognize anyone you know?

I can't match the text curation coming out of Reborn, but I find the following weirdly soothing:

from Bohemians: A Hate Song (1918)
Dorothy Parker

"I hate Bohemians;
they shatter my morale

There are the Artists;
The Inventors of the Nude,
They are always gesticulating with their thumbs,
And sketching, with forks, on table cloths;
They point out all the different colors in a sunset
As if they were trying to sell it to you;
They are forever messing around with batik;
And hanging yellow tassels on things;
And stenciling everything within reach...

And then there are the Radicals;

...They are always in revolt about something.
Nothing has been done yet that they can wholly approve of...

They are forever starting magazines
And letting the Postal Authorities put the finish to them...

Always longing to loose the trivial fetters of Convention,
and go far away- back to the Real-
I wish they'd get started!"

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