Monday, March 22, 2010

Emma Wilcox: Pony Seeds

is the title of this short film by artist Lydia Moyer, and is taken from the autobiography of Dolly Parton.

I bought seeds on 3/8, am starting seedling indoors for what will hopefully be a full-sun urban gardening effort for a new art project. (More on that when I have something to show for it.) It was the first decent day of weather, and "Detroit Dark Red" beets were already sold out when I got them. (Yes, I bought instead of going to a seed exchange. You can throw things at me when you next see me.) I bought lots of Craft Gourd- "suitable for arts and craft projects." I sure hope they grow.

While this may seem like an atrocious tangent, my entire practice has been and remains influenced by ideas of failure and expectations.

I am always interested in what is considered reasonable to expect, and who gets to decide what is reasonable for who? What is it ok to want?

I will be exhibiting a photograph titled "Father's Day" in the Print Center's 84th annual print competition for photography from May 1 - July 24th, 2010. The image was taken in the spring, and features rabbits. It is one of my more accessible and thus popular images, but is based on several separate stories that I have been told that involve accidents, animals, disappointment, mishap and guilt.

I hope the seeds grow.

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