Saturday, August 21, 2010

physics and the quest for perfect burger ...

the first entry
to wash it down

My first short post on the Aferro Blog … and of course you all know me … lol … so you know you’re likely to hear from me again.

I must begin by singing the praises of the most excellent Emma and Evonne, warm, wonderful and smart women. Hopefully in the future this blog will find me more poetic and maybe more thoughtful … but for today we sing praises …

And speaking of today at Aferro -- today I met two of my fellow residents, Steve and Blyth, as well as the people who will be working “in the lab”. The Lab is a project curated by Nancy Mahl and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it. It looks like it has an angle on getting to work that is really fresh. In fact that’s something that’s attractive about Aferro, it’s programming is so open and truly willing to take some risks. I suspect that’s one of the benefits of their location and being a non-profit with very few strings. The place was humming with everyone working on things for the September 11 opening.

Got a look at what will be my art home for the next few months and ate an amazing cheeseburger. Those who know me well know that burgers aren’t my typical fare but today it was right on.

I went with Emma, Evonne, Dahlia, and Leigh Ann (I’m sure I’m misspelling her name) to Tops Diner in East Newark as the great Cheeseburger quest got underway. Initiated by Dahlia with encouragement from all quarters, the quest represents the search for the perfect artist’s cheeseburger and Tops has made a stellar first salvo in the battle. It will be a fight to the death I’m pretty sure as well as providing substance for some of this blog’s contributors. Stay tuned to see whose cheeseburger comes out on top … (tops..)

And just so you don’t think we were just self-indulging, the dialogue was all very erudite as the lunch conversation swirled around such topics as theoretical physics, boat rides, lasers, art and the perils and joys of facebook with a side of drooling appreciation for the proofs of Dahlia Elsayed’s forthcoming show catalog. It's going be beautiful.

All in all … this was not a bad day.

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