Monday, August 16, 2010

Too much? Not enough.

To steal a great phrase, from Pinakothek, Luc Sante's blog, this blog, "like a vampire, is not wholly dead, but neither is it entirely alive."

It is difficult to get to what happens here in the studios. It believe that it is illusive, that it is very real but resists being "The New Newark."

Artists come and go at different times. Walls change color, power tools sound, lights burn at odd hours. Things happen. See Bruce Nauman's spy-cam video, with footage of a cat chasing flies in his studio.

Alternate theory, one that I believe in sometimes: I just think that many artists are already so busy managing the necessary output of self promotional material for their own sites, blog, social media, that the burden of creating yet more digestible little bits of content is too much. Syndicate! Syndicate! Syndicate! Feed! Feed! Feed!

I guess I'm withholding?

I don't take many snapshots of my own life, which might be odd for a photographer. Like anyone else I sometimes wish I had, of people, places and situations that no longer exist, or exist for me. These snapshots that I don't have might even sometimes be appropriate for this blog: light coming into studio enviroments, cute handwritten communication between neighbors, atmospheric closeups of materials. You know, that sort sort of thing. Ambiance. And again, in my more cynical moments, raw material for the secondary market of lifestyle purveyors. There are even Taschen books!

But I do so sincerely enjoy taking snapshots of the studio detritus of artist colleagues. So here are some, in text tag format:

Buddha Statue/Big Elmers Glue/Air Freshener Spray

Ashtray/Video Editing Deck with big piece of tape saying don't unplug me

Rope/Panties/50 lbs Clay

Rolls of multi colored vinyl/copy of Huck Finn from Aferro free book room

Gold Paint Markers/Plywood/Course Schedule

Bleach/uplifting note to troubled youth being mentored/American Flag

Legal Books circa 1910/Razors/Hammers/Blue Paint

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