Friday, September 9, 2011

Governors Island Art Fair

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday in September, 4heads present

The Governors Island Art Fair

Friday - 11 AM to 4 PM

Saturday & Sunday - 11 AM to 6 PM

Run by artists, for artists, The Governors Island Art Fair enters its 4th year this fall as 4heads rally an exciting and diverse selection of artists from around the world. Well over 100 independent artists are selected entirely on the merit of their work and, once chosen, each is given a room of their own in which to create an exhibition environment of their own design. A selection of galleries are exhibiting in the Fair as well and, this summer for the first time, 4heads are also offering art workshops and artists' studio residencies beginning in June. For more information visit

 Naomi Campbell created a beautiful arch of fans.  The imagery on the fans revealed itself to me after a few minutes of standing amongst them.  Her installation is even more dramatic in person than in the photograph.

 Andrew Harrison referenced the history of the area.  The shapes were collected during a walking tour of Manhattan.  You'll have to visit to hear the sound component!

Einet Imber created a beautiful cave drawing that you can view from inside or outside.

Although Molly Sawyer's sculptures are rather simple shapes, they are able to capture so much emotion.  She uses a lot of natural materials, sheep wool, wood, moss, I love her pedestals.  Her studio is in Jersey City so be sure to check it out during open studios while you're visiting Aferro!

Here are some images from my attic space.  The buildings on Governors Island haven't been used in years and as a result, paint is peeling, there are stains and some rooms have torn up floor boards.  I was particularly pleased with the character of my three little rooms.  I wonder how the salt and the thread will change over the coarse of the month.

While you're enjoying Governors Island, stop by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council gallery and Gallery Ell in Nolan Park.

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