Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Brick City Project" is my vision of the beauty of Newark.  As a Newark resident my goal here is to show the world and remind our citizens of the beauty that Newark has to offer.  Growing up in this city i was blessed to witness its many positive wonders and every day miracles as opposed to the publicized negativity.  Each brick expresses a certain perspective of Newark and places together gives a never before seen look at the city and its inner workings.
I was excited about doing my residency at Aferro because it seems appropriate as a stepping stone for my installation.  During my time here i have learned so much, met so many people, gotten so many positive reviews (learned how to, made many connections and the list goes on.  The most difficult part was plain ole time management for me.....basically setting time aside to go to the gallery and work....but once i got into the swing of it the ball rolled along smoothly.  One of the most important things i learned  was from Evonne who told me that as an artist i needed to be spending the same amount of time "marketing myself as an artist as i do creating the art"....that made so much sense to me....(thanx Evonne).

So with the residency over now what?  Good question....the painting continues....more bricks will be made and then comes the arts shows.   Stayed tuned for more photos and info on the  "Brick City Project"


  1. Malik:
    I LOVED your brick project and seeing the work you made at Aferro. Keep 'em going!

  2. Your work is magic! I wish I had the opportunity to meet you during your Aferro residency. I saw your work in your studio there while visiting Nell and was very touched by it!. Hope to see you around Newark and looking forward to what you'll do next.