Tuesday, October 12, 2010

objects needed

Hello out there. I'm preparing for a show at the Providence Natural History Museum. The museum collection is made up of a lot of things collected by amateurs, and pretty much anyone who wanted to donate to the museum could do so. So they have enormous archives of bugs, butterflies, nests, eggs, rocks, etc, some of which are rotting away, or unlabeled, or stored in cigar boxes. I am soliciting donations from people, and am creating a vitrine that inserts my new donations into the museum's collection. Also, there is a large collection of disassociated labels (lovely phrase!) which are labels- some of which are over a hundred years old- that have been separated from their objects. I am classifying them according to handwriting/label type and installing them in a display case in typical insect-display format. They are so pretty! Anyone who wants to send me an object for the museum collection (your favorite shell or rock, pressed plant, vial of sand or dust, etc) please contact me and I will let you know where to mail things. Or studio residents, you can put things on my desk in my studio. Please include your name, what you know about the item, and where it was found. I'll start installing in about three weeks.


  1. Allison, I have an insect in a plastic specimen case. Not sure if your deadline has long passed. I think Adrianne Evans is also in this show- have you met her?

  2. Hi Ann-
    I just installed the show. But it'll be up for a year and I plan to switch out some objects, so maybe it can go in the next round. And yes, I met Adrianne! How do you know her? It was such a fun show to be part of.