Monday, December 3, 2012

Mana Contemporary

I had time on Sunday to take a trip to Mana Contemporary for their open studios.  One of my neighbors (Frank Gavere) from Parkway Studios in Bloomfield now has a space in this Jersey City oasis.  

The first floor was holding a small Keith Haring exhibition.  He is an artist that I have not given a great deal of thought, but being able to see a body of work up close and personal helped give me a new appreciation.  The first floor also houses an area where an artist can have crates made for their shipping needs.

I believe there are six floors to the building, but I only took a look on the 4th where it seems most of the artists have their studios.  The elevator opens up to a gourmet cafe.  There was a great Allison Schulnick painting hanging in the hallway.  

The artists' studios varied in size with some of the bigger names having huge spaces.  One artist had the biggest printers I've ever seen.  There was a dance studio as well where a demonstration was taking place.  

Mana is an impressive space and has every amenity an artist can imagine.  I don't know if all of it is necessary, however, to do good work.  It is worth a visit though;

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