Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Emma Wilcox: Building Specifics (I'm a syncretic dilettante)

This project remains one of my all time favorite site-specific creations from Aferro, and it was created by artist Vandana Jain when I asked her to "bless" the building for our grand reopening.

How much can a ritual be altered/borrowed cross-culture before it is "broken?" Is fidelity necessary for belief? (I'm a syncretic dilettante) But my fear of misfortune was and is sincere, so I really did want a hex against trouble. No posturing there. If you're familiar with the story of the gallery's origins, you will understand my paranoia and lack of faith in the, ahem, Goodness of Civic Planning.

Thanks again for coming up with such as great response to my odd request, Vandana!

She also has "Prayer Flags for Health Care" in Art Shop, the gallery's gift shop.

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