Monday, August 13, 2012

CLUI does the Meadowlands

 The Center for Land Use Interpretation did a report/talk presenting their survey of the Meadowlands. It was interesting (weird, too?) to see the familiar examined by an outsider. They have put together a great interactive map and also a great print map (available at the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop) which includes the Smithson grave not far from Medieval Times in Lyndhurst. Matthew Coolidge, director of CLUI also talked about the unfinished Nancy Holt's Sky Mound which now houses that dirt mountain of solar panels near 15W. I love solar, but wish there were methane flares to look at when I drive home from the studio.

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  1. Robert Smithson's grave is in the graveyard across the street from where we live in Lyndhurst. Jeffrey Hyman's (Joey Ramone), and William Carlos Williams' graves are there as well.